Fall 2021

Tovala is a D2C food and tech company founded in 2017. From raising over $100,000 within 24 hours of its Kickstarter campaign, Tovala has scaled to a growth-stage national brand recognized by household names like Oprah Daily, Buzzfeed, and People Magazine.

The company offers a one-of-a-kind solution to meal prepping and cooking. The system comprises of a countertop-friendly Tovala Smart Oven, the Tovala App, and a Tovala Meal subscription.



In the Fall of 2021, Tovala was under pressure to meet the highest sale numbers before the end of the year. Goals were to nearly double ARR, drive momentum for Black Friday/Cyber Monday (typically our biggest sale of the year), and generate top of funnel awareness & relevancy. A few other challenges was the need to communicate a huge discount ($299 to $99) while upholding the brand image of a high-quality product and a short lead time of 5 weeks.


Fight against any creative fatigue with fresh new imagery that is thumb-stopping, take advantage of the high-intent purchase time of Labor Day weekend by targeting a large prospective audience through multichannel marketing, and create all new creative in-house for quicker turnarounds to meet deadlines.


Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design

Jia Hong - Design
Maggie Pluskota - Copy
Aliyah MacCrindle - Production Design
Jason Punches - Creative Direction
Tim McCoy - Photography


The Impossible Sale derived from a two-fold message:

1. “Tovala has brought to the world a solution that feels impossible—Eating well without the cooking.”

2. “That solution is now on sale for an impossible-to-believe price. Act now!”


As for the imagery, we wanted the audience to know that a bolder, sleeker, more premium solution to eating better has entered the arena and it deserves their attention. For the first time ever, we took the Tovala Smart Oven and Tovala Meal out of the kitchen and put it on display to be celebrated.