Product Design



Tovala is a D2C food and tech company founded in 2017. From raising over $100,000 within 24 hours of its Kickstarter campaign, Tovala has scaled to a growth-stage national brand recognized by household names like Oprah Daily, Buzzfeed, and People Magazine.

The company offers a one-of-a-kind solution to meal prepping and cooking. The system comprises of a countertop-friendly Tovala Smart Oven, the Tovala App, and a Tovala Meal subscription.



Although the website has the highest amount of touchpoints with prospects AND customers, the platform had garnered plenty of design debt and was visually cluttered from quick fixes and scrappy iterations of tests, did not have a clearly designed user experience, and was outdated with the new rebrand (see Tovala Rebrand project here).


Partner with Fix Studio to develop a new design system and build a responsive web platform that is sustainable and flexible for continuous testing and campaigns, provides an enjoyable and smart experience that is consistent with the innovative solution that Tovala provides, and emanates reliability and trust to build brand equity.

Lead Design, Research
Fix Studio
Maggie Pluskota - Lead Copy
Aliyah MacCrindle - Production
Jason Punches - Creative Direction


As a tech company, Tovala’s digital presence was vital to its success. The website is apart of every single conversion lifecycle. In addition to the prospect journey, customers interact with either the website (or app) on a weekly basis to order meals through their subscription.

Some metrics for success were as follows:
- Consistent brand identity across entire platform
- Responsive for desktop and mobile
- Clearly educate and communicate who Tovala is and the unique yet complex solution it provides






The rebrand was done with keeping Tovala’s digital presence in mind. The graphic identity is minimal, universal, and modern. Paired with a sleeker and tech-forward graphic identity was warmer photography to add a touch of humanity and emotion.

To further connect the graphic identity and humanistic photography, are digital renders of the product and intentional moments of web interactions.

Overall, stepping into the Tovala website means stepping into a world in which smart technology is a seamless everyday solution for an everyday problem.